LG 47LN5200 Review

LG 47LN5200 300x213 LG 47LN5200 Review

LG 47LN5200

LG 47LN5200 is one of the best-choice LED TV for 47-inch series in the market these days. It’s the newest-released LED TV ever produced by LG this year. It supports a lot of amazing features and specifications including Full HD 1080p Resolution on picture quality as well as great amazing picture it produces. This 47-inch LED TV is ready to give you a full entertainment that is really easy to access.

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Also supported with perfect Refresh Rate on 60Hz, you are able to enjoy every little detail on the TV with highest picture quality. Though it’s only 60Hz, it’s still great on delivering stunning picture into your screen. And although this 47-inch LED TV isn’t supported with Smart TV feature, it’s still really efficient on energy since it’s Energy Star qualified. There is still other features that you’re able to find once you purchase the TV while LG offers this 47-inch LED TV with an affordable price to purchase.

LG 47LN5200 – Picture Wizard II Technology

LG 47LN5200 Picture Wizard II Technology 300x213 LG 47LN5200 Review

LG 47LN5200 – Picture Wizard II Technology

LG 47LN5200 will offer you a greatest picture delivered directly into your eyes. It’s coming out really sharp and its colors are more vibrant. Since it’s supported with LED technology and Picture Wizard II Technology, entertainment will come out more real and alive. Brightness, clarity and color detail will be beyond your imagination. You will also get easy self-calibration with on-screen reference points for key picture quality elements such as black level, color, tint, sharpness and back light levels. You are able to adjust everything with this simple-to-use feature.

LG 47LN5200 – Smart Energy Saving

LG 47LN5200 Full HD 1080p 300x202 LG 47LN5200 Review

LG 47LN5200 – Full HD 1080p

Not only able to deliver great stunning picture into your eyes, the LG 47LN5200 is also efficient on saving energy of your TV’s usage. This 47-inch LED TV earns the ENERGY STAR Qualification, which means that a product would meet strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy. Also for this TVs, it means that they can save energy both in standby and active modes (when they’re on). This qualification also uses about 30% less energy than standard units.

LG 47LN5200 – Other Specifications

  • Full HD 1080p Resolution Picture Quality
  • Picture Wizard II Technology
  • Smart Energy Saving
  • 60Hz Refresh Rate
  • Triple XD Engine
  • Two HDMI Inputs
  • A USB Input
  • More specification details…

LG 47LN5200 – Pros and Cons

LG 47LN5200 Design 300x271 LG 47LN5200 Review

LG 47LN5200 – Design

Pros – LG 47LN5200 comes with great picture on the screen using its Picture Wizard II Technology and Full HD 1080p Resolution on picture quality. Also, its Smart Energy Saving also makes benefits to every family who need to cut their electricity bill on TV’s usage.

Cons – LG 47LN5200 lacks on a multi-level zoom, which means that you cannot adequately enlarge some of ATT UVERSE’s program offerings to fit the screen. Also the USB port is not same as what it’s described. It doesn’t accept video. This comes really strange.

Is LG 47LN5200 Worth the Money?

LG 47LN5200 is one of the best-choice LED TV for 47-inch LED TV in the market. Completed with various specifications and features, this 42-inch LED TV works perfect on delivering picture. Its Picture Wizard II Technology, an easy connection for transferring files alongside its Full HD 1080p Resolution and Smart Energy Saving are doing really well to create the most beautiful life-like image in front of your eyes. This is meant for people who want different experience of viewing. All these features work together perfectly and make this 47-inch LED TV worth for money. You should also better read other customers’ reviews about LG 47LN5200 before deciding to buy and bring this LED TV into their house. Check the lowest price available today for LG 47LN5200…

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