LG 60LN5600 Review

LG 60LN5600 LG 60LN5600 Review

LG 60LN5600

LG 60LN5600 is going to be one of the best-choice LED TVs for 60-inch series in the market these days. Since its release on July 2013, this 60-inch LED TV is really going “wild” in the market. It’s famous among customers and also has a great design on look. Supported with various features and specifications, this 60-inch LED TV is ready to give you pleasure every time you want.

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It has a great sense to indulge your wish to connect the internet, since it’s loaded with LG Smart World. It gives you a lot of access to your favorite online contents. Also, its built-in WiFi allows you to access internet without messy wires. These features are offered to you with affordable price.

LG 60LN5600 – LG Smart World

LG 60LN5600 LG Smart World 300x196 LG 60LN5600 Review

LG 60LN5600 – LG Smart World

LG 60LN5600 is loaded with LG Smart World to let you enjoy the best fun and useful apps. When you feel like it’s hard to find what you were looking for, then there’s no problem. This feature allows you to search and download additional apps so that you get the most out of your entertainment experience. It will be much easier for you to access premium content providers like HuluPlus, Netflix and YouTube directly from this 60-inch LED TV, which also connects you to the content that you and your family want.

LG 60LN5600 – LG Cloud

LG 60LN5600 Full HD 1080p LG 60LN5600 Review

LG 60LN5600 – Full HD 1080p

Besides giving the easiest way to connect the internet using LG Smart World and built-in WiFi, LG 60LN5600 will also give you multiple ways to share your photos from your vacation, video from your child’s recital or your favorite song to your TV from a compatible device. Whether you create a network with your compatible devices, access content stored in your LG Cloud or use an NFC tag to connect, LG makes it easy for you to share content with friends and family.

LG 60LN5600 – Other Specifications

  • Full HD 1080p Resolution
  • 60Hz Refresh Rate
  • LG Smart World
  • LG Cloud
  • Built-in WiFi
  • Game World
  • Miracast
  • Smart Saving Energy
  • More specification details…

LG 60LN5600 – Pros and Cons

LG 60LN5600 Magic Remote Sold Separately LG 60LN5600 Review

LG 60LN5600 – Magic Remote

Pros – LG 60LN5600 really did great performance to the whole TV’s system. Setting up, to turning on , to turning off are really easy and amazing. These are also completed with best LG Smart World feature to make your actions on connecting the internet really smooth.

Cons – However, the 60LN5600 also lacks in some parts on the TV. Sometimes, the picture shows no difference from a regular channel than to a HD channel. It seems similar to some customers watching on it. However, this 60-inch LED TV will offer you other features worth the price.

Is LG 60LN5600 Worth the Money?

LG 60LN5600 has become one of the best-choice LED TV for 60-inch LED TV series in the market, among 2013’s LG’s lineups. This 60-inch has also successfully proved its qualities and specifications beyond customers’ imagination. Each features completed on this 60-inch LED TV, including Full HD 1080p Resolution, LG Smart World, great Game World and great Refresh Rate definitely show you how well an LED TV deliver a good and astonishing picture directly into your eyes. You should also check other customers’ reviews on LG 60LN5600 before deciding to purchase this LED TV. Not only because of that, it also comes with an affordable price to catch. Simply because of its well-worth, customers are also interested in buying this 60-inch LED TV. Check the lowest price available today for LG 60LN5600…

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