VIZIO E470i-A0 Review

VIZIO E470i A0 VIZIO E470i A0 Review

VIZIO E470i-A0

One of the best LED TVs in the market will be the E470i-A0, the newest 47-inch Smart LED TV that VIZIO recently launched. Coming with better feature than previous Smart LED TV, the E470i-A0 is ready to make your day fascinating and amazing. Stunning picture in a full-frame screen will be easily delivered to your eyes once it turns on.

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It all becomes really more complete since it’s also supported with internet apps that let you stream movies, etc. Besides those great features, you can also purchase this 47-inch Smart LED TV with an affordable price to spend.

VIZIO E470i-A0 – 120 Effective Refresh Rate

The E470i-A0 will offer you great look and design. Its stunning slim outer-frame will let you enjoy every TV programs you like with a narrower border around the picture for more immersive experience. Therefore, you can enjoy them wider than before. Besides its look, the E470i-Ao also comes with high-quality picture at its best value. Crystal-clear action and eye-popping images will be popped out into your eyes since it has high refresh rate to sharpen images and action scenes.

VIZIO E470i-A0 – VIZIO Internet Apps

VIZIO E470i A0 VIZIO Internet Apps VIA 300x180 VIZIO E470i A0 Review

VIZIO E470i-A0 – VIZIO Internet Apps (VIA)

The E470i-A0 also has feature to let you stream movies, download apps, listening to movies and watching on your favorite TV shows in one single device. VIZIO Internet Apps (VIA) feature will do them all once you command it by using VIZIO’s smart remote control. You also don’t need any cable or wire to connect to the internet anymore. The E470i-A0 has built-in WiFi connectivity to make connecting to the internet  smoother and simpler. Right now, it’s all in your control.

VIZIO E470i-A0 – Other Specifications

  • Full HD 1080p Display Resolution
  • 120Hz Effective Refresh Rate
  • VIZIO Internet Apps (VIA) for TV shows, music, apps and more
  • LED Brilliance Technology
  • Slim-frame Design
  • Energy-saving Efficiency
  • Built-in WiFi Connectivity for easy internet access
  • More details…

VIZIO E470i-A0 – Reviews

VIZIO E470i A0 LED Brilliance Technology 300x205 VIZIO E470i A0 Review

VIZIO E470i-A0 LED Brilliance Technology

Pros – Vizio E470i-A0 comes with slim outer frame design completed with full-screen resolution to indulge its customers properly. This will finally make the customers really enjoy every time. They will definitely be indulged by great stunning picture coming out from this Smart LED TV. Also, its efficiency on saving energy makes the TV a plus.

Cons – It seems really difficult to do such things on Vizio E470i-Ao on yourself. There are some problems on doing particular things on this TV. You aren’t able to rename channels and there’s also no channel favorite. Also, firmware update seemed to wipe out most of the customization. However, a perfect best affordable price is highly offered to you to equalize the features.

Is VIZIO E470i-A0 Worth the Money?

The E470i-A0 has successfully become one of the best-sold and best-chosen LED TVs ever in the market. It comes with best features and specifications which will definitely value and worth your money. Its feature, including Vizio Internet Apps (VIA) will perfectly let you enjoy every time you want to. It finally let you turn this TV on every day. To prove it right in the first place, you should also read on more customers’ reviews about Vizio E470i-A0 and find it really entertaining. Also, since it’s really efficient on saving energy, the TV itself become one of the most efficient LED TV ever. Had you bother on spending much on this LED TV, then you better reconsider it. Why should you reconsider it? Because you may lose your chance of getting one of the hottest LED TV ever. Click Here to get the lowest price for E470i-A0…

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