Sony KDL-70R550A Review

Sony KDL 70R550A 300x192 Sony KDL 70R550A Review

Sony KDL-70R550A

Sony KDL-70R550A is going to be one of the best-chosen LED TV in the market. It’s the newest-released huge-screen 70-inch LED TV with Smart TV and Theater-like 3D feature on it. It’s recently launched by Sony to fulfill customers’ wish of watching on different experience.  This huge-screen 70-inch LED TV is going to be one of your favorite one since it has amazing features and specifications. It will give you everything you’ve always wanted.

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Completed with a Full HD 1080p Resolution on picture quality, this 70-inch will bring you the most stunning clearest picture you’ve ever seen. Every picture you’ve watched will naturally move smoothly since it’s supported with Motionflow XR 240 Technology. A clear and realistic image will appear directly in front of your eyes everyday you want. As for those features, Sony offers this LED TV really affordable for your spending and purchase.

Sony KDL-70R550A – Sony Entertainment Network

Sony KDL 70R550A Sony Entertainment Network 300x225 Sony KDL 70R550A Review

Sony KDL-70R550A – Sony Entertainment Network

Sony KDL-70R550A is supported with great feature of Smart TV options. You can now seamlessly wirelessly stream beautiful High-Definition entertainment straight from the internet or your home network using built-in WiFi connectivity available. This are also possible by the Sony Entertainment Network to let you connect to the contents of online entertainment. Thousands of movies, TV shows, online video, games and music are always offered to you by only your fingertips. By connecting to the Internet you can access Full HD 1080p entertainment, 3D content and made-for-TV apps like Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, Pandora, YouTube, Facebook and more.

Sony KDL-70R550A – Motionflow XR 240 Technology

Sony KDL 70R550A Upper Face 300x184 Sony KDL 70R550A Review

Sony KDL-70R550A – Upper Face

Sony KDL-70R550A is supported with Motionflow XR 240 Technology which is able to deliver you the most stunning picture ever. Sony has successfully introduced this newest-released to customers who have been waiting for its launching. Also with LED Backlighting technology, this KDL-70R550A is ready to “rock” your house with its greatness. Everything will naturally move with Motionflow XR 240 technology which deliver to you the clearest, most realistic sports and movie action. Therefore, you are now free to get what you’ve been dreaming of.

Sony KDL-70R550A – Other Specifications

  • Full HD 1080p Resolution Picture
  • Clear Resolution Enhancer
  • Motionflow XR 240 Technology
  • Built-in WiFi Connectivity
  • Theater-like 3D Feature (Passive 3D)
  • Sony Entertainment Network
  • Four HDMI Inputs
  • Two USB Inputs
  • More specification details…

Sony KDL-70R550A – Pros and Cons

Sony KDL 70R550A Stand 300x225 Sony KDL 70R550A Review

Sony KDL-70R550A – Stand

Pros – Sony KDL-70R550A comes with great elegant design. Better picture and impressive sound are the ones who really attract customers to buy this 70-inch LED TV and bring it to their house. Its setting up was really a snap and its good-looking makes everything much better.

Cons – After some days of purchasing the Sony KDL-70R550A, a pizza-sized blotch sometimes will appear in the middle of the screen. It is going to clearly noticeable during TV shows you’re watching. Therefore, you should also check everything out before you purchase the TV. This TV will also come out with a really affordable price for your spending.

Is Sony KDL-70R550A Worth the Money?

Sony KDL-70R550A comes with great features and specifications. These then finally bring the TV itself as one of the best-sold and best-chosen 70-inch Smart LED TVs in the market. For a huge-screen LED, the KDL-70R550A has everything to be proud of. It brings the TV also as one of the best worth-for-money LED TV ever produced by Sony. Its Sony Entertainment Network really enables you to connect to online entertainment such as Facebook, Twitter and Netflix. Therefore, these also makes the TV really worth for your money. To prove it right in the first place, you should also Read More Customers’ Reviews about Sony KDL-70R550A and find the TV really extraordinary yourself. Not to only mention that, as one of the best worth-for-money LED TV, this huge-screen 70-inch LED  TV comes to you with simple-to-use setting up. Therefore, you will end up doing things really easy. Check the lowest price available today for Sony KDL-70R550A…

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